About Me

My name is Andy Halliday and I have been in the SEO game since around 2009, back then I didn’t realise I was doing “SEO” I was just reading blogs on techniques to get higher in Google to get more traffic.

It wasn’t till that website got hacked and I lost everything and got a job I realised I had been doing SEO.

I became their Head of SEO and PPC and loved it. They are a huge UK brand so was great to go from a small site getting a few thousand visitors a month, to this beast which had hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

The great thing was this company hadn’t given much thought to SEO in the past, they had hired a few small agencies and liked the idea and while they had some good rankings, they weren’t doing great.

The site had amazing content and amazing backlinks – what was letting it down was technical elements. The site when I joined was about 15 years old and it was still fundamentally the original site with new features bolted on over the years.

So I got stuck in and learnt all the elements of technical SEO to make some changes.

I didn’t do it all alone, they had a great development team, so once I had identified a problem, we could brainstorm solutions work out the best and they would implement them.

It didn’t take long for the results to start showing and soon we were consistently hitting 20%+ YoY on growth and while this might not sound amazing, when you talking in the hundreds of thousands of visitors – it’s huge.

Fresh Challenge

After a while I left there as got frustrated, all the big agencies get pitching me and wanted to work with us, but they would turn their noses up to the small websites, I know budgets are smaller – but the impacts can be so much more.

So I left and set up CoreterMedia.com with that such aim to help small and medium-size business with their SEO and digital marketing.


I have done speaking now for a number of years, I think I started around 2015 and the vast majority of my talks have always been on Server Log Analysis if not more technical SEO.

After most of the talks, people would contact me on twitter or during the networking asking where to learn more, and I never had one great place to send them too, so I decided to create this site, explaining everything you need to know to improve the technical aspects of your site.

Majority of the site is free to access, however, there will be some content which will be in the members only area.

We have a Facebook Group you can join to ask questions or a Slack Channel if you prefer.