Should you add sitemaps into the robots.txt file | Episode 2

This is the second video in our new series, with me Andy and Corey Aka The Server Log Kid.

Today’s Question is: Should you add sitemap into the robots.txt file.


So Corey yes that is a brilliant question, you should add your sitemap into the robots.txt file.

Adding them to Google Search Console is another great way but Googlebot is going to crawl your robots.txt several times a day so is going to find your sitemaps.

As well as adding your normal sitemaps you should also add:

  • Your images sitemap
  • Your video sitemap

(if you have images and video’s on your sitemap, if you don’t have them you don’t need to create specific sitemaps for them).

To make sure Googlebot can see these pages as soon as possible after they have been added.

If you have any questions to do with Robots.txt files ask in the questions below and we will answer them for you, if you have a question you would like the Server Log Kid to answer, please email them to us or comment below and it could be your question we answer next.


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