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Technical Audits

Using techniques, skills and processes learnt over years of auditing a wide range of websites looking for technical issues which hold back a website from its potential to rank in Search Engines.

server logs

Server Log Auditing

The process of analysing the Server logs to initially identify technical issues, but more importantly to understand what Google and other bots are doing on your website.

You wouldn't build a Million Dollar house on Quick Sand, so don't build a Million dollar website on Poor Foundations

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Screenshot of Google Search Console Homepage

Errors in Search Console

At a recent Google IO talk, there were some key topics which came up which I found were useful and wanted to share. The videos are below. The key things is Google bot is using the latest version of Chrome for Rendering it was on Chrome 41 over 3 years old, which is great news

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BatchSpeed – Review

Ever been like me and wanting to bulk analyse page speeds for websites, but hated the fact its quite a manual task. Well, I’ve got good news – Ive just come across this great tool which will allow you to bulk check up to 500 urls for Google page speed metrics and then export them

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Cycle Restoration Services Tech Audit

Technical Audits – while they can get completed, here are a few quick checks which can be done in less than 5 minutes. As you can see from the video. These checks can be done in less 5 minutes. We would highly recommend you doing the checks on your own websites and fixing an

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SEMRush vs Screaming Frog Crawling Tools

So SEMRush Crawling tool is taking on Screaming Frog Crawling tool to determine which tool is the best for crawling your website to find technical issues. While Screaming Frog is from Britain, a small town in Oxford, SEMRush is a more global operation. There is Head Office is based in Boston in the United States,

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SEMRush Bots

SEMRush Bot

SEMRush is a tool which you can use to crawl your website to analyse to find technical issues with what’s wrong on the website. SEMRush Crawler Also, SEMRush offers a domain metric called “Authority Score” which analyses a websites backlinks. Its measured using, page score, domain score, trust score as well as some other data

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Homepage of CloudFlare website on the display of PC, url -

Getting Useful logs out of Cloudflare

This is something that I have dealt with numerous times and can be hard for certain organisations to set up. Getting log data when using Cloudflare, by default the logs just show the IP etc as Cloudflare meaning it can be difficult to get the data to analyse. Also you need to be on an

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