About Us

Welcome to Onpage Rocks

A agency all about technical SEO.

Who Are We

My name is Andy Halliday, and I do technical Audits. You will also find my son Corey Halliday on the site. Especially on the Youtube Channel.

Our Mission

Help webmasters and website owners improve the foundations (technical) off their websites, by doing technical SEO audits and server log Analysis

What We Do

We mainly do Server Log Auditing and Technical Audits.

Our history

I have been doing SEO and digital marketing since 2009 when I bought my first domain name and soon learnt how to get the site to rank in Google and drive traffic.

Meet the team

Hire Me Andy Halliday

Andy Halliday

I have been doing SEO since 2009 – well I didn’t know it was SEO in 2009 I had a website and I wanted more traffic to it.

It was till around 2011 when I joined Ebuyer that I really started to learn more about SEO and PPC, that is where I learnt the majority of my skills.

While I don’t really do PPC now, I still use most of the fundamentals that I learnt all them years ago.

Corey Halliday

Corey, also known as the Server Log Kid helps me to produce the helpful videos for our Youtube channel.

When not filming and making video’s he is very active and loves playing sports as well as going away with Beavers.]

In fact his busy social life makes it harder for us to film more videos.

Meet the Robots (A.K.A Us)

So both me and Corey have become robots. We spend a lot of time following robots file instructions when we are crawling websites. 

You will see these around the sites, on social and in our presentations.

onpage.rocks crawling robot
junior onpage.rocks robot

Would you like to start a project with me?

Whether its a technical audit, you want to know what Google is doing on your site or a brand new set of KPI dashboards building then please get in touch.

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