Cubes and dices with sitemap

Download your Sitemaps into CSV

If you need to create a sitemap, then this isn’t for you – this tool allows you to download your existing sitemap and analyse it.

If you are after the best way to create a sitemap then 

There is a limit of 1,048,576 – basically the limit of excel.

If your sitemap is larger than this and you want the data, drop me an email and I will use my desktop version of the tool and get you the data.

Why is this important?

Your sitemap is a great way of allowing Google and other search engines to find new content on your website and as its something, you control it should be 100% correct.

This tool quickly downloads your sitemap into an excel format so you can check for errors like dead pages, redirect links.

This version of the tool doesn’t check the status, you will need to use something like Screaming Frog to find the errors.

How to use?

  1. Insert in your sitemap URL into the text box ie:
  2. Hit Go
  3. Wait for it to work its magic (usually a few seconds)
  4. Click Download and get a CSV file of your sitemap

I will produce a video in the coming days on how to use this tool.

If you would like any changes or issues please let me know.