Audits what Matters

Over the years I have done countless audits for a wide range of clients, from small startups who have just launched their sites to e-commerce businesses turning over £200m a year in sales and everything in between.

The size of the site isn’t the issue – it’s having a tried and tested process of auditing what matters. That is what I have been perfecting over the last 5 years and I want to share with you some of the top issues I have come across.

All Channels

Technical Audits, while mostly done by SEO’s actually affects all channels.

We check every page site speed and so should you – but speed is an important factor for other channels, especially PPC – it affects Quality Score and therefore how much you pay per click.

What to Analyse

There are lots of potential issues that can be wrong with your website and issues impact ranking more than others, that is why over years of experiments, testing and fixing websites we are able to provide you with an “Action List” of the issues in priority order.

There are over 150 checks we do when completing a technical audit alone and we will highlight all failed issues. Just some will have a bigger impact on rankings than others.

While I won’t reveal our list, it keeps updating with more and more experiments we do – after all, Google keeps evolving and so must we, however, some of the issues includes, page speed (especially for mobile), SSL and crawlability.

Tech + Server log Audit = ❤️

We do recommend that you combine a technical audit with a server log audit. This allows us to see what’s wrong with your website, but also what Google is doing on your website. Both on their own is great, but combining together gives you a full rounded audit.

What data do we use

Whether you would like us to do the audit or you would like to do it yourself, these are the tools you will need.

  • Crawler (Either Screaming Frog / SEMRush are two great crawlers)
  • Google Analytics (or similar)
  • Google Search Console

This will give you all the data you need.


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Pricing for Technical SEO Audits.

Small Site

< 1000 Pages
$ 299
  • 1 Full Tech Audit
  • Follow up Audit 6 months later
  • Interactive Report

Medium Site

< 10,000 Pages
$ 499
  • 1 Full Tech Audit
  • Follow up Audit 6 months later
  • Interactive Report

Large site

> 10,000 Pages
  • 1 Full Tech Audit
  • Follow Up Audit 6 Months Later
  • Interactive Repor

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