The Complete Technical Audit

Grow your business with a complete technical audit.

A full audit performs both a crawl of your entire website looking for issues as well as analysing your server logs looking for errors.

I audit what matters.

I have been working and advising on SEO since 2009, but since 2013, technical SEO has been my specialism.

With many years of expertise I focus on the issues that actually improve your rankings and increase your revenue and profit, providing actionable advice to get your website working for you. crawling robot

I Audit what matters​

While an audit can (and with my advice usually will) improve your SEO (Search Engine optimisation) performance, it can also help all channels and departments including PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), UX (User Experience), page level load times, site security and even conversions.


Really, these audits improve the foundations of the entire site – pretty impressive, eh?.

Why it’s important

I always have one slide in every presentation that I give, 

“You wouldn’t build a million dollar house on quicksand, so don’t build a million dollar website on poor foundations”.

I mean every word of this.

A great platform allows your content and links to flourish, while even the greatest content won’t pull a poorly built site up the rankings. Well, not in a significant way, anyway

You wouldnt build a million dollar house on quick sand so dont build a millor website on poor foundations

The Process

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to auditing your website. 

I’m not saying that so you won’t go off and try to do your own, either. It’s true – each site is different and that’s why each audit is different. 

That said, each audit starts with the same aim –  to find all the errors holding back your site and delivering you an report with a priority order of changes to make.

And don’t worry if you can’t get the server logs, either – I can still help. 

I know some platforms like Shopify etc, don’t allow you to access the server logs.

While they do contain a treasure trove of very useful information, don’t let this stop you getting in touch for an audit as it’s not the only thing we can look at. 

In fact, over 300 different checks are done during a technical and server log audit – so it’ll certainly be worth it. 


I offer three key services:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are over 300 checks performed during an audit, but as each site is unique I have to do additional checks to find the errors – so you’ll certainly get a comprehensive view of what needs changing. 

Nope, sadly not. This is a service I used to offer, but only for WordPress sites. However as this was taking up too much time, I prefer not to skew my focus on the audit side of things. I have found reliable companies I trust, who I have used myself,and who I can recommend.


I can then focus on delivering incredible audits.

Nope. Otherwise, I’d be wasting my time and yours.  If something passes a check it’s not reported on.

I want the audit to be to the point, and not full of fluff. Simply put if it’s in the audit report – it needs fixing.


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