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Can you see google bot activity in the logs on sitemaps pages

Can you see Google bot activity in the logs on sitemap pages? Episode 1

This is the first video in our new series, with me Andy and Corey Aka The Server Log Kid.

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The key reason to move to http2

The key reason to move to HTTP2

There are many good reasons to move to HTTP2, however, there is only one great reason to move and as an SEO specialist you might …

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Screaming Frog report builder

Screaming Frog Report Builder

Screaming Frog is probably the most used Crawling tool on the market, however, its biggest drawback has been its lack of reporting. Well, we have …

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Top Issues when Auditing websites

Top Issues when Auditing Websites

Over the years I have become quite an expert and analysing websites to find out technically what’s wrong with them.   Historically while this has …

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Deepcrawl vs screaming frog - which one is best

Deepcrawl vs Screaming Frog – which one is best

Crawling your website is one of the most important parts of technical audits, but finding the best tools to complete the job can be difficult, but …

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how to get your server logs using cpanel

How to get your Server Logs using cPanel

One of the first steps to Server Log analysis is actually downloading the files and if you’re using cPanel to access your server its a …

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Ticking this one box allows you do great Server Log Analysis

If you want to analyse your server logs, then unticking this one box in cPanel is the difference between doing great server log analysis and good …

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what to ask a developer

What to ask a developer

If you have a development team to handles your servers and website, then you are probably going to need to ask them to get you …

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Speed kills your business

Speed kills your business

Speed kills your business. A slow loading website is going to increase the bounce rate meaning you’re going to have to get a lower RIO …

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