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What is the difference between access and error logs? Epioside 10

I’m Corey, The Server Log Kid. Today’s question is what is the difference between access and error logs?

EU GDPR Rules and Server Log Data


This article has been edited on 3rd June 2018. So today is May 25th, 2018 and a new EU law came into effect today. They are designed to give EU citizens more protection over how their data is handled, stored

Can you see Google bot activity in the logs on sitemap pages? Episode 1

This is the first video in our new series, with me Andy and Corey Aka The Server Log Kid.

How to get your Server Logs using cPanel

One of the first steps to Server Log analysis is actually downloading the files and if you’re using cPanel to access your server its a very simple process.

Ticking this one box allows you do great Server Log Analysis

What to ask a developer

If you have a development team to handles your servers and website, then you are probably going to need to ask them to get you the data, it’s much simpler than getting the data yourself, however, you need to know