New Google UserAgent – Google-speakr

I haven’t been able to verify this yet, but some people are reporting a new Google User-Agent in their logs called “Google-speakr”.

The IP of the bot is which resolves to Google.

People are speculating that the bot is some sort of Home / Google Assistant crawler but there is no news from Google just yet.

Below is a tweet from someone who first spotted it.

Like I said I haven’t seen it any of the logs I have checked, but I do have access to quite a few and not all of them go into Bigquery so it’s a bit manual.

It’s not every day we get a new Google bot to join our list of bots to monitor and check.

I will update this once I have done some more digging and research.

Does that mean if your site is not getting crawled by Google Speakr does that mean your site is not speaker friendly?

I asked John from Google that very question and his answer was short, but he clearly answered it.

I don’t think he could be more clear.

Also, Google hasn’t confirmed this yet.


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