Have you been analysing your Server logs and realised you are unsure about the user agent and what it means. 

You can try and figure it out, but sometimes it’s not that easy or if you’re doing it on bulk this can be a wasted effort.

Here, I have done all the hard work – you can thank me later. All you need to do is just enter the user agent into the search bar below.

UserAgent List

[ivory-search id=”102609″ title=”Default Search Form”]

After all, in our database, I have 53 versions of Google bots. These aren’t all Google Search Engine bots, however. 

Others include PPC versions, page speed, images and a lot more besides.

If for some reason nothing comes back, drop me a message and I will do the work and email you back.

I do update the database once a week (usually on a Monday looking at the new User agents discovered the week before).

You’re welcome.


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