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Technical SEO Audits

While everyone knows Links and great content is the two biggest ranking factors which determine rankings – few people realise the importance of having a technically perfect website.

One element of Technical analysis is Page Speed – which Google confirmed as the third biggest ranking factor on mobile queries. 

While you can get a basic analysis done using third party tools like SEMRush and these are a great start – it really does need a human to manually review the different elements to find out what could be holding back your website.

Server Log Audits

One of the most under used tools that SEO’s and webmaster’s seem to ignore.

Auditing your logs allows you to uncover so much valuable information including what Google bot is doing on your website.

While about 60% is the same information that you can get from crawling your site – the other 40% is super valuable and well worth doing. If you wanna find out more information on Server Log Analysis head to our blog where we often blog about it.

Alternatively speak with us today and see if we can do the analysis for you and deliver you an in-depth analysis with key action points of where to fix.

White Label Service

We offer a white label service to other agencies – we do the same level of analysis and just deliver you the complete word documents.

Why not join us in our Facebook Group where you can ask a question or our slack channel to learn more about Technical SEO and Server Log Analysis.

Latest from our Blog

Server Log Kid

You may have seen some of his video’s, tweets or posts on Linkedin – but the Server Log Kid is the son of our Founder and CEO – Andy. Corey while now six has been making these video’s from 5.

His technical knowledge is pretty good for a 6 year old, and his ability to do an audit isn’t that bad.

What age can we legally employ him, only joking – he currently get paid in sweets. We have to make sure the office sweet har 

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