The Server Log Kid has no broken up for the summer holidays so we are back filming so of your questions – keep them coming in.


But we have had a brainwave, not sure how in this heat – all I wanna do is chill out in some shade somewhere, but one of the biggest pushbacks I get when encouraging more people to audit their website for errors is that they simply don’t have the time.

So we have decided to audit one of your website for free.

There are a few catches, we are just going to spend 30 minutes auditing the website (excluding crawl time).

That it. Surely you can spare 30 minutes every week / two weeks / once a month to find some of the basic errors on your site.


  • You have until Sunday 29th July to submit your website and then we will pick a winner and spend 30 minutes auditing the site.
  • On Monday 30th July we will then do a 10-minute webinar in our Facebook Group showing you the results we have found.
  • Only the winner’s website will be made public (be a bit of a hard video explaining errors if we can’t use the website), everyone else’s website will remain private.
  • We obviously need your email address in case we have any specific questions if you win.
  • You will NOT be entered into our marketing emails – if you want to receive them you can sign up on the right-hand side.


If you fancy having your website audited simply fill out the form below, but be quick I will pick the winner Monday morning.


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