Ever been like me and wanting to bulk analyse page speeds for websites, but hated the fact its quite a manual task.

Well, I’ve got good news – Ive just come across this great tool which will allow you to bulk check up to 500 urls for Google page speed metrics and then export them to excel.

In this quick video I will show you how to use the tool.

Video Transcript

Evening all. Earlier today someone sent me a new tool called Batchspeed.com, I did share it. I had a quick play with it and I did share it in a Facebook group, now I’m gonna go more in dept for you . I wanna show you some cool features and why I love this tool.

Fundamentally, Batchspeed.com is way of testing or getting the data on multiple URS’s I want and getting the metrics from patron sites, so all this stuff you’d see here. We can do it in bulk, it allows you to export it to an excel which saves you a lot of time. Yes, you can do it manually but who’s got time to sit there checking a hundred URLs; press analyse, wait, paste it, copy it into excel, go away? All it takes is for one little typo error and you’ve got mistakes in the data, you gotta do it manually, you gotta sit there, it’s not great. This tool is amazing it’s called Batchspeed.com.

You got five hundred URLs you can do for free. If you have more than five hundred URLs you’re gonna have to batch them into segments, I’ll show you how to do that in a second. You got both desktop and mobile.

Let’s get started. You got three ways of doing it, You just check in a URL and crawl it, you can use a list of URLs this what I say if your website is more than five hundred pages you’re gonna have to create a list of five hundred, chuck them into here, graph and crawL, or you can just chuck in your sitemap URL. For example, on our site we could just chuck in sitemap, but we’ll do the crawl so you go onto there, chuck In the URL, hit run test, and wait. It’ll just take a few seconds but the good thing about this is cuz it’s web based and I was chucking the URLs type, you can hit this, go crawl it, then you go off and do whatever you wanna do, go make a cup of tea, probably I was gonna say you could leave it while you went and slept overnight but probably the five URLs it will do pretty quickly. Yeah, you can just leave it running.You can see the data it started pulling now.

You’ve got grid and table view, I vouch for table view but I’ll look at both. Grid view which is just done like this, then you got filter, mobile and desktop. Don’t worry about my scores being so low, I’ve currently made my site pretty poor, I’m about produce a guide of to go from a poor site to an amazing site but I’m in the middle of that, that’s why my scores are low. You’ve got your desktop, you got mobile, and you can view by table. This is all crawling very nicely like I said you don’t even have to watch this, takes two or three minutes, maybe five minutes to run, depending on how many URLs you got probably take a little bit longer. The great thing is, somethings going, you walk away, you come back you’re done. Then, you got, you can expand all, which just gives you the more details here which is what’s wrong with it. The reason why all these are all on here is cuz this is a web press site and the guide will be web press how to fix all these, but you can just expand them all and close them all but it’s pretty cool, it tells you what’s wrong.

The great feature is once it’s finished you’ve got the export all, export to excel. If you’re like me you doing large data analyse you want something with pretty cool stuff, then you want the raw data you don’t wanna be going to here and “Ooo, let’s look in your analyse, wait for it to run. Oh, let’s go over this, this, and this and make URL.” It’s just not efficient but with this great tool you just sit back like I said. If I were doing this now for the site and I’m up to the data, let’s say I’m doing five URLs, chuck it in, go anyway come back.

Because it’s cloud based you could probably do it on mobile if you wanted too, I’m not sure I haven’t tried this tool on mobile. Actually, let’s do that while I’m here now, while I’m waiting for this to crawl. Let’s see what this works like on mobile. Obviously I can’t share that at the same time but you just have to take my word for it. Yeah, she’s working perfectly fine on mobile. It’s got to gather the data. I’m guessing then you’ll just export like you were on your phone. This is even better that you can do it on your mobile phone.

If you ever start on and you wanna stop it there’s no stop button, which is a bit of a pain. What I’ve found the best thing to is, I would just hit this new button here cuz I would mistake it then I would get right to a new page. A nice feature would be a stop button if you’ve hit the wrong URls to crawl or the wrong sitemap put in as a trick or otherwise you gotta wait.

It’s great now almost done. Great tool. It’s now finishing I have to export it straight down here and CSV then boom sorted. If you’ve enjoyed this video please just subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this on tools that we use. Do join our Facebook group it’s growing daily, there’s cool questions being asked whether they’re basic or more advanced questions, if you got any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you.


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