What are the best tools for measuring page speed?

Google did a rare thing last year and pre announced a update and gave specific instructions on what it was targeting.

This update was known within the Industry as the PageSpeed update.

They gave the industry about 6 months notice to update their sites ready and most did.


In this video I will explain to you some of the best tools to use for measuring page speed as well as some of the more advance things we do.

The great thing is that all of these tools are free to use.

The Tools

  • Web.dev
  • WebPageTest
  • Pingdom
  • GT Metrics
  • Google Analytics
  • Server Logs (rarely used)


Most people just measure there homepage, which is a good start, but usually the home page just ranks for the brand terms, you need to be analysing your key commercial pages, blog pages etc.

You can use tools like Batchspeed to bulk analyse 500 pages, while its not as in-depth as doing indiivdual page analysis, it does tell you the main issues, but more importantly, you can see the slow loading pages and then analyse these individually in some of the tools to find the issues.

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